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Why invest in International Biotechnology Trust plc "IBT"?


IBT offers investors the opportunity to invest in the growing biotechnology sector, which is creating innovative medicines that treat unmet medical needs and have the potential to produce very attractive long term returns. Over the last five years the NBI has outperformed the S&P 500 Index and the NASDAQ 100 Technology Index by 212% and 185% respectively.

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Citywire Wealth Manager - Carl Harald Janson: M&A will continue to support biotech - 5th May 2016


Is the biotech boom about to become a bust?


To put into context, the Nasdaq Biotech Index has slumped 20% in the first quarter against a 1% rise in the FTSE All Share.


Yet Carl Harald Janson, a doctor-turned lead investment manager on the International Biotechnology Trust, offers a positive prognosis on the asset class.


Janson explains to Citywire's Sean Butters why empirical evidence supports a continuation of long-term gains and how M&A will continue to support the asset class.


In the five years to 31 March, International Biotechnology returned 170.41% versus the FTSE World average of 49.92%, though in the past 12 months has lost 20% compared to FTSE World's -1.68%.




UK Tech Awards 2015: Tech Fund Manager of the Year

Investment and Wealth Management Award 2015, Best Specialist Fund


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